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    Vengrų BEAG garsiakalbis HX 401-8 įrašų studijų monitoriams ir įgarsinimo sistemoms; didelis jautris, 8 Omai, 40 cm diametras, lietas šasi, maži THD, 20 Hz rezonansas, 1 vnt.

    Vertimas iš gamintojo aprašymo:
    “HX 401… dynamic speaker designed to meet the highest technical requirements for professional woofer, making it ideal for studio speaker installation and any demanding public address system. The membrane made of advanced rubberised fabrics allows the bass to be transmitted with high power and with very little distortion. Therefore, the speaker is also capable of delivering full sound effects.  Newly designed basket provides complete mechanical protection to the magnet circuit.”
    BackSideFrontSide-artiBEAG_1 HX401

    BEAG_2 HX401