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    Active topology is the step into best sound quality, which you can draw from loudspeakers. It’s a “quality”, not “quantity” way as is with DG-type or other room equalizer equipment.
    The main goal for an active system is to avoid any reactive components in the signal path from the amplifier output to the speaker coil. If you leave passive crossovers in the speakers, then it will not be an “active” audio system at all.
    Switching from passive to active is not difficult – you need to turn off the crossover or short it so that the signal from the speaker terminal goes directly to the speakers.
    If you are using multi-way loudspeakers, then a semi-active structure can be used;  low and mid/high frequencies are served by an active 2-way crossover, and mid-high are served by a regular passive crossover of multi-way loudspeakers.
    It can be mentioned that two-way high sensitivity systems are the area of use for active audio systems. There in FB group you can see some nice pictures.

    The list of advantages in favour of active crossovers and multi-amplification you may find in the book – Loudspeakers For Music Recording and Reproduction by Philip Newell and Keith Holland or there.

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