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    Pratęsiant apie Combi filtravimą.
    Anksčiau paminėtuose straipsniuose rašoma apie muzikos instrumentų garsą, bet tas pats atsitinka ir klausant kolonėlių. Rekomenduoju perskaityti straipsnį Audioholics e-žurnale, kuriame tokie žodžiai:
    Comb Filtering and Acoustical Interference are two audio terms that relate to the manner in which two or more sound sources (such as two speakers or two drivers within a speaker system) interact and affect each other.

    Comb Filtering: This is basically a delayed version of a primary signal that is produced when two or more loudspeakers are playing the same signal at different distances from the listener. In any enclosed space such as a music or theater room, listeners hear a mixture of direct and reflected sound. Because the reflected sound takes longer to reach our ears, it constitutes a delayed version of the direct sound and a comb filter is created where the two combine at the listener.

    Acoustical Interference:  This phenomenon occurs when a single sound source such as a loudspeaker shares the same bandwidth across multiple drivers within the cabinet separated by a physical distance greater than the wavelength of propagation.  If the interference is destructive at some given frequency, it will also be destructive at multiples of this frequency.  This gives rise to a graph such as shown below, which takes on the appearance of a comb.  The extent of audibility depends on the position of the listener relative to the speaker and the physical distance between the offending drivers relative to the lowest frequency the commonly produce.
    Siūlau idėmiai perskaityti išvadas, kur rašoma apie kolonėlių su daug garsiakalbių problemas. Daugelis konstruktorių ir gamintojų nesuvokia, bet įrašų klausytojams problemos yra svarbios.